Established in 2001,Shanghai Technology Co.,Ltd. was spun off from Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology(SIMIT)—a subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS).In 2009,Simgui successfully got restructured and became a joint-stock company. Simgui established a high-quality technical and management team. Taking world-class semiconductor company as a model, Simgui has been promoting a new pride in the rapid development with high starting point and high standard.
After 10 years of great-leap-forward development Simgui has a professional and high-efficient team to support customers from Greater China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the US.

Simgui’s new Fab in North Jiading had been built up in Dec., 2010. We now have been double our capacity for EPI, SOI also had reach the stable mass production. Both EPI and SOI technology had been developed into 8 inch, and have been accomplished industrialization. Simgui would become the excellent semiconductor material base of state-owned in Shanghai.

Simgui and Soitec signed the Strategic Collaboration Agreement on May 23rd, 2014 that trigged Simgui's international business collaboration. Soitec and Simgui announced first 200-mm SOI wafers produced in China in Sept, 2015. Simgui will put great effort to be the preeminent one state-owned semiconductor material base in Shanghai.

新傲科技采用SIMOX,BONDING,SIMBOND和Smart-Cut四種方法,利用從美國和日本知名設備制造 商進口的先進設備來制備SOI材料, 以確保新傲圓片能夠達到國際半導體標準, 并能夠滿足當今世界主流IC生產線的要求。 依靠美國MT公司強大而持續的技術支持,整合國產化襯底片良好的性價比以及以及新傲自身強大而靈活的加工能力優勢,新傲向客戶提供專業化得外延服務。
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