Thermos Koozie Vs Yeti Colster

If you drink beer, soda, or sparkling water, you need a koozie. And I’m not talking about the one you got for free at the Braves game last season.

Foam or cloth koozies are fine in a pinch, but they get damp, break, leak, and don’t keep your drink cold for very long.

Fortunately for anyone who drinks from a can—and that should cover just about everyone—modern technology has given us more than touchscreen tablets. It’s also given us the little comforts in life, like drinks that stay cold for three hours.

If you’d like to make your cans stay cold, you can get a koozie that works almost just as well as a cooler loaded with ice. Make the weekends even better with a vacuum-sealed, double-wall stainless steel koozie!

There are quite a few options on the market, ranging from superstore knock-offs to brand names with a price tag to match.

Two of the most popular are the Thermos Koozie and the Yeti Colster. If you want to drink cold drinks and look snazzy at the same time, opt for one of these.

Which one should you buy? The better one, of course. If you want to know which of these two vacuum-sealed koozies are better, read on.

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Best Bench Scraper for Icing Cakes

If you’re not familiar with cake decorating equipment, you might think that a “bench scraper” is some kind of carpentry tool.

However, if you are a pro at cake design, you know that a bench scraper is actually one of the simplest and most essential confection decorating tools you can own.

A bench scraper is a simply-designed tool. It is basically a sheet of metal with a handle on one side.

Even so, there is more to choosing a bench scraper than just grabbing one off the rack at Wal-Mart. Even the most basic of tools can be designed to work with maximum efficiency.

If you’re not sure which bench scraper to choose, you’re in luck! We’ll help you sort through the best bench scrapers out there and give you our top recommendation. Read on!

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Best Hot Plate for Boiling Hot Water

Hot plates are a must-have for many kitchens! These kitchen appliances act as an extension to your stove. In some cases, they can be even be a replacement for a stove!

Whether you’re a busy matriarch planning a family feast, an expat without a stove, or a college student with a no-flames-allowed rule in your dorm, a hot plate is an excellent option for cooking efficiency.

So which hot plate should you get? Take a stroll down any kitchen aisle in a department store, and you’ll discover that this is not an easy question to answer.

For one thing, there are two main types of hot plate: induction plates, and coil plates.

For another, there are endless options! Feeling a bit overwhelmed? I don’t blame you! But don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here are some of the best hot plate options out there.

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Best Nonstick Saucepan for Making Caramel

During one Christmas vacation in high school, I decided I was kitchen-savvy enough to make some homemade candy.

I grabbed a pot, found my grandmother’s candy recipe in the cupboard, and made my first candy creation attempt.

It wasn’t long before the aluminum pan heated up and burned the candy. A melted plastic trash bag, seven candles and two hours of open windows later, the smell finally went away.

By the time my mom got home, everything seemed perfectly normal!

I learned an important lesson that day: the tools you use really do matter! Making caramel—or any homemade candy, for that matter—is a delicate business that requires vigilance and the proper equipment.

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Best Vacuum Flask for Keeping Liquids Hot

Vacuum flasks are making a major comeback these days. Nineties kids remember that lunchbox thermoses were the way to be cool in elementary school!

Get the most colorful thermos you could find, fill it up with soup, and you’d be the coolest kid at lunch. Look, mom, no spoon!

Our neon thermoses may have got lost in the attic with our Lisa Frank lunchboxes, but vacuum sealed awesomeness is just as trendy today.

Now, we sip hot coffee all day long or take outdoor excursion Instagram photos with name-brand stainless steel mugs subtly placed the background. Don’t deny it!

Unlike SPLAT hair dye and nail wraps, though, trendy vacuum flasks aren’t all about the looks. If you’ve ever used a vacuum flask, you know that vacuum-seal technology is incredibly useful!

So whether you like being “in” or techie, you probably want the best vacuum flask you can find. Which should you get? Read on to learn about the best vacuum flasks for keeping liquids hot!

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