Best Bench Scraper for Icing Cakes

If you’re not familiar with cake decorating equipment, you might think that a “bench scraper” is some kind of carpentry tool.

However, if you are a pro at cake design, you know that a bench scraper is actually one of the simplest and most essential confection decorating tools you can own.

A bench scraper is a simply-designed tool. It is basically a sheet of metal with a handle on one side.

Even so, there is more to choosing a bench scraper than just grabbing one off the rack at Wal-Mart. Even the most basic of tools can be designed to work with maximum efficiency.

If you’re not sure which bench scraper to choose, you’re in luck! We’ll help you sort through the best bench scrapers out there and give you our top recommendation. Read on!

Quick Comparison Table: Best Bench Scraper for Icing Cakes

Our Best Pick
Dexter RusselNorpro
Blade materialStainless SteelHigh-carbon steelStainless Steel
Handle materialNonslipPolypropyleneStainless Steel
Size6.2 x 46 x 3 inches6 x 4
ChopperYesIf sharpenedYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Dexter-Russell Sani Safe Scraper

This is a pretty basic bench scraper. This is the scraper I used during my first job as a kitchen worker at a college cafeteria.

This particular scraper was probably chosen to keep all of us klutzy student workers from chopping our thumbs off.

All of the edges are dull, so you’re not likely to get cut with it. If you want a no-nonsense tool to get the job done, it’s a good choice!

The Sani Safe scraper is a good option if safety is your top priority. As I said, the blade is dull. You’re not likely to chop off your fingers with this scraper, so you can use it when cooking with kids.

However, the dull blade isn’t good for chopping anything, so you’ll have to use this strictly as a scraper. If you really want this scraper and you need to chop with it, you could sharpen it.

Another benefit to this scraper is that it has a blade-to-handle seal that keeps bacteria from making themselves at home. This is excellent for food-service settings and definitely a perk for your own kitchen.

The downside to this scraper is that it isn’t multi-functional. There’s no ruler, and it doesn’t come ready to chop veggies.

However, you can get flour off the counter with it, and you can smooth cakes with it. If you want the basics and don’t mind spending a little extra, this is a fine scraper.

2. OXO Good Grips Scraper

Out of all our featured scrapers, this one is the kindest to your hands. The grip material is soft and non-slip. It’s the top scraper for ergonomics, as far as this list is concerned.

This scraper is slightly bigger than the others on our list. It gives you a little extra fingers-to-countertop clearance so that you won’t risk chopping off your digits.

Speaking of chopping, this scraper is great for multi-purpose use! It comes sharpened and ready to tackle whatever scraping and chopping you need. You’ll have to be cautious of the sharp edge, but it is an effective tool.

The OXO Good Grips Scraper also comes with a ruler on the blade. You’ll be able to use it to measure veggies, cakes, butter, and whatever else you might be working with.

3. Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper

The Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper is the most affordable one of our list. If you want something inexpensive with decent quality, this is a good choice. However, you will have to sacrifice an important feature.

This scraper is made out of a single piece of stainless steel. The handle is a curved section of metal. This has its pros and cons. The good part about this is that it’s sanitary.

You can easily clean this and know nothing gross is hiding in your scraper’s handle. The bad part is that this is not nonslip. You’ll have to be careful to control this scraper so that you don’t injure yourself.

The Norpro scraper is also a chopper! Although you definitely won’t want your kids using this due to the slippery handle and sharp edge, you’ll find it effective for chopping just about anything.

You can use it to prepare veggies and meat for dinner, then wash it and use it to ice your cake for dessert! This scraper also has a ruler, which frequently comes in handy while cooking.

Final Verdict

While all of these scrapers are highly recommended, I find a clear winner among the three. The OXO Good Grips Scraper is by far the best choice! There are several reasons why I would choose this scraper over the others.

This scraper is priced affordably. It’s more expensive than the Norpro scraper, but less expensive than the Dexter Russel scraper.

Secondly, this scraper has the best handle. The Norpro’s handle is obviously inferior to the OXO handle. While Dexter Russel scraper’s handle as a good seal for sanitary purposes, it’s not as safe as the OXO scraper.

A soft, easily-gripped handle is better than a plastic handle. For one thing, you’re not as likely to slip and cut yourself. Secondly, you can work longer without getting sore hands.

Additionally, it has nice features. The Norpro scraper does chop nor include a ruler, but the OXO scraper does. You can use it for a variety of purposes around the kitchen.

Even if your main use for the scraper is cake decorating, you can still grab it when you need to chop up carrots or measure the length of bread dough.

If you want a good, high quality bench scraper, go for the OXO Good Grips scraper. It’s safe, multi-functional, and comfortable to use.  This tool may quickly become one of your favorite kitchen essentials!

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